The Women of Atelier 17: The Biographical Supplement

Contributors: Christina Weyl

Nearly one hundred women artists were affiliated with Atelier 17, the avant-garde printmaking studio, during its time in New York City between 1940 and 1955. Across its three successive locations in Greenwich Village, Atelier 17 became a laboratory that facilitated women artists’ exposure to and eventual practice of modernist styles, including abstraction, surrealism, and expressionism. Making prints at Atelier 17 also served as a conduit through which female artists realized extraordinary professional achievements and, for many, fostered camaraderie and networks of sisterhood decades before the women’s art movement of the 1970s.

This online biographical supplement, launched in conjunction with The Women of Atelier 17: Modernist Printmaking in Midcentury New York (Yale University Press, 2019) reconstructs each woman’s involvement with Atelier 17 and establishes little known connections between them.